Wednesday, June 27, 2007

2. Do a Past Life Regression

An illustration of the Rebirth (reincarnation) process, including the postmortem existence in the supraphysical realms (where the so-called dead live), from the perspective of the Christian esoteric teachings (western).Image via WikipediaPast Life Regression is a technique where a subject, under hypnosis, is taken back, or regressed, to a point in time before his/her birth.

For those who believe in reincarnation, PLR is said to be a way to experience past lives. Others believe that perhaps, rather than one's own past, PLR opens a channel for other spirits to speak through a person, or for a person to experience or to recall a collective memory. Or, of course, there is always the chance that it is completely hocus-pocus, and the "memories" are nothing more than our own memories from reading books or watching TV or movies, or even fabrications by an active imagination.

Nonetheless, the subject of Past Life Regression has always attracted me, and I would like to have it done to see what I can experience -- whether it is possible that I have had past lives or not.

I will have to research this subject more.


David Emanuel said...

Oisu...this is your baka brother.
Don't know if you knew this but I'm a trained hypnotist. I could do this for you. Actually, never done it to previous life, just to infancy for several people.

Anonymous said...

Bart, knew a girl in Dallas who swore we were married in several previous lives. Man, I hope not! Let me know how that works. I'm 99.9% convinced I'm paying the karmic debt for being a mass murderer in a previous life. :( Take care.