Thursday, March 27, 2008

6. Make Some Music

Typical playing range of a horn (notes sounding a perfect 5th   lower than written)Image via WikipediaI've always been around music. Violin lessons at age 4... piano at 8-9, French Horn in the band in school, choral groups and choirs, and guitar lessons as an adult. So I wish I could say that I play an instrument well... but the truth is that I don't. Although, if you count the human voice as an instrument, I can claim to play that one fairly well.

So I never really applied myself to music lessons, and, since you don't see me on stage somewhere, you can safely conclude that I don't have a virtuoso gift for playing an instrument.

But, I've always enjoyed listening to all kinds of music, and have that quiet yearning to make music of some kind. Fortunately, there is still time. And technology can help. (Of course, it can never replace real skill or knowledge -- but it can help cobble together enough of the components to produce something novel, something unique, something I could call my own.)

There are those who are content to listen to others' music. There are those who are satisfied with playing well the notes born of others' inner voices... and then there are those who desire to create something for others to play and listen to. I embrace all of these perspectives, but, lately, the creative urge, which started as a periodic nagging, has become louder and more steady, sometimes breaking into daydreams with a sharp jab, here and there interrupting my happy entropy with a needy urgency, and suddenly disrupting my happy coasting down the sometimes bumpy hill of middle-age ennui.

So I shall make some music before the end comes. I only hope some muse takes kindly to my intentions.

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